Youth / Rangatahi

Channel Northland Te Raki TV supports Youth Space, and aims to empower, entertain, inform and inspire mātātahi, young people.

According to Wikipedia, YOUTH is the time of life when one is young, often meaning the time between childhood and adulthood. It is also defined as ‘the appearance, freshness, vigor, spirit, characteristic of one who is young.’ It’s definitions of a specific age range vary, as youth is not defined chronologically as a stage that can be tied to specific age ranges, nor can its end point be linked to specific activities. You are only as young as you feel.

Here, we celebrate babies, toddlers, youngsters and teens.

We will be looking to produce items of interest to the young people of Northland, and encourage you to make stories, shows and stuff of interest to this important and impressionable sector of society.

We will assist with setting up TV training and media production courses at schools and locations throughout Northland. Plans are underway for one in Whangārei. Remember, anyone with an i-phone, computer and imagination can be a ‘TV producer’ for us.

As a teenager, New Zealand’s most famous film-maker, Sir Peter Jackson started his career by entering his first movie into TVNZ’s “Spot On Film Contest”. Maybe YOU will be our next “Peter’.

If you create the Story.... We will create the Category.

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