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Our Channel Northland Te Raki TV platform is viewed all over the world. Millions are interested in how we live, how we were able to overcome Covid-19 in it’s infancy and what it’s like to live so far removed from the rest of the world. So here we have a few facts for those not being lucky enough to live in this ‘slice of paradise.’

Our land area is 1330 square kilometres, with 3,200 kilometres of coast line. We are New Zealand’s northernmost region, home to almost 200,000 people. Around 105,000 live in the largest city, Whangārei, around two hours drive from Auckland. 70,000 live in the Far North, 25,000 in Kaipara. 35% of us are Māori.

Our other main towns include Dargaville, Kawakawa, Kaikohe, Kerikeri and Kaitaia. The Bream Bay area is developing fast with talk of a major coastal container terminal being built at Marsden Point.

Known as ‘the winterless North’ for its subtropical climate, Northland’s expanses of white sandy beaches, great fishing and scenic locations like the Bay of Islands all combine to make it a popular place to live. The warm climate and ten safe harbours drew the first European settlers.

Northland has been described as ‘the Florida of NZ.’  It’s European population is significantly older than the national average, the perfect place to retire. One of New Zealand’s most desirable locations, we offer unspoiled white sand beaches, native bush and scenery galore, spectacular fishing and a sub-tropical climate that enables outdoor living year-round.

Whangārei offers good schools, a tertiary education provider and excellent community amenities. With a range of speciality stores, fashion shops, restaurants, cafes and other entertainment options including The Hundertwasser and a vibrant music and arts scene.

A keen sporting community enjoys a full range of facilities including parks, an aquatic centre, an all-weather athletics track and Semenoff Stadium which has hosted World Rugby Cup.

Northland is the destination of choice for many lifestyle-motivated new arrivals who are prepared to live on less, or work harder and drive further, in exchange for the privilege of living here.

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