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What do you like to do in your spare time? Do you have any spare time? More and more these days, we tend to get burdened down with mundane day to day chores. Where do the hours go?

60 years ago, philately (stamp collecting) was popular, but not so much now. But here we showcase stories on clubs, societies and organisations which specialise in helping you fill your spare time.

You’ll maybe get ideas on things you never thought would interest you, like photography or collecting model cars, there is someone in Whangārei with a collection of 1000 VW Beetles!

And if you are in a hobby group, feel free to contact us and we can help you make a video to share your story.

Facebook community sites are a vast resource for collectors and hobbyists, and dance groups, choirs, boaters, film and book club enthusiasts abound. Time goes fast, make every minute count.a

If you create the Story.... We will create the Category.

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