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TE RAKI TV CHANNEL NORTHLAND supports the many hundreds of health professionals in hospitals, clinics and chemists, all the members of St John’s ambulance and the North power rescue helicopters. A ‘shout out’ to those working in the Aged Care sector and those volunteers and care-givers helping others with illnesses and disabilities.

We encourage you to exercise, eat sensibly, resist drugs, and stay healthy in these uncertain and often troubling times. We plan to bring you exercise and fitness shows of special interest to the aged, the disabled and the young.

We applaud the efforts of SPORT NORTHLAND and the many organisations specialising in Health and Wellness. A healthy mind will often produce a healthy body. Music empowers, heals, inspires and unites.

Northland is truly a haven for those who like to get out and about. Our region’s population is significantly older than the national average, but with our ten harbours, 3,200 km of coastline, beaches, bike trails, bush walks and pathways like the 2.4km Hatea Loop, we are often spoiled for choice.

Some of us are not as fortunate as others. Mental and physical wellness go hand in hand and we pledge to help as best we can through our website.

If you have a story or idea on Health and Wellness in your community, let us know. Or better still, produce a video for us to share here. Anyone with imagination and an i-phone has the potential to be a ‘TV producer.’

On behalf of all of us here at Te Raki TV, stay safe and well, don’t drink and drive, keep an eye on your neighbour and do your best to be a part of our audience next year and for many years to come… we need you!

If you create the Story.... We will create the Category.

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