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TE RAKI TV CHANNEL NORTHLAND fully supports Community and Neighbourhoods throughout our amazing region. We are very lucky.

And we applaud the work of NZ Police, volunteer fire fighters, hospital staff, care-givers, and those folk involved in drug, alcohol support and suicide prevention. We are truly blessed to live in New Zealand’s winterless North.’

Te Tai Tokerau is a diverse ‘team of 200,000’ and arguably nothing has united us more than COVID-19, when a ‘southern border’ was imposed upon us out of necessity to successfully combat this deadly virus. Through those difficult times, communities came together like never before. New bonds were forged.

Neighbours watched out for neighbours, people helped each other in amazing ways. A lady called ‘Bridget’ brought case-loads of kiwi fruit and gave them away in Morningside. She set up a ‘tiny library’ at her letter-box with books and a bench for people to take a book or sit and read. Sadly, someone stole the bench, but people like Bridget persevere to help others less fortunate than themselves. Maybe you’d like to donate for a new bench? Or set up a library.

But there are ‘Bridgets’ all over our region. In Kerikeri, ‘Dawn’ works tirelessly on Facebook networking on behalf of communities and administering a Page which specialises in preserving our unique history with old photos of life in Northland. You can see some of those on our platform.

Be good to your neighbours. Don’t litter. Join NEIGHBOURLY and see www.stuff.co.nz for what is happening nearby. Join a club or your local Facebook page for items of interest, things for sale and events coming up near you. And maybe you and some friends can produce a video for us like the wonderful series of ‘Odes’ to towns, made by the team at MORE FM.

If you create the Story.... We will create the Category.

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