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TE RAKI TV CHANNEL NORTHLAND fully supports Business and Retail in Te Tai Tokerau. This platform will bring new and innovative businesses to you and as we grow, so will they. There are over 20,000 businesses in our region; manufacturers and services which operate locally, nationally and globally.

We applaud the efforts of NZ Chambers Of Commerce Northland on behalf of the majority of these businesses, a non-political, non-profit organisation which represents the full spectrum of business interests, both small and large, in Northland – retailing, service, manufacturing exporters, importers and other organisations. Formed in 1902, the Chamber is one of 20,000 Chambers worldwide, and 29 in New Zealand.

And we encourage the organizers of such annual events as Northland Hospitality Awards, and Northland Business Championships sponsored by Westpac. Next year, we plan to cover these events and are offering businesses and companies the opportunity to let us produce informative  ‘mini-infomercials fo let clients and customers know more about their skills, services, career opportunities and team. For more details, see PARTNERS.

So we urge you to ‘mind our own businesses.’ Shop local and buy products made here. Support our shops and businesses to help grow Tai Tokerau.

If you create the Story.... We will create the Category.

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If you need a video to tell your story, drive your sales or anything else get in touch.