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TE RAKI TV CHANNEL NORTHLAND fully supports Arts and Culture in Te Tai Tokerau. You’ll be seeing plenty of it here, and who knows, some of the artists and performers we will debut on this platform may go on to emulate the successes of Sam Neill, Russell Crowe, Lorde and Dame Kiri Ti Kanawa.

We applaud our Government’s commitment to artists and performers, many of whom have had a tough time surviving COVID-19. The recovery programme has helped ensure the sector not only survives, it adapts and thrives.

We have a separate category for  MUSIC / WAIATA although often these sectors are inter-twined. You’ll find choirs, ballet, film, opera, artisans here. Often without the help of volunteers and organisers, events like Whangārei Fringe Festival and Kerikeri’s Hullabaloo For Kids would not happen.

We are fortunate in Northland to have an incredible number of ‘creatives’ whose talents rival their counterparts throughout New Zealand and the world. From carvers, painters and potters to weavers, dancers and actors, from opera and ballet to comedy and magic.

So don’t stay home when there is a show on in town, go out and support it if you can. And if you are staging an event, let us know and we’ll tell the world. Capture it on video and share your story here…

If you create the Story.... We will create the Category.

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